Project Details

  • Material: ostrich leather

  • Size: 42.00 * 42.00 * 20.00 (cm)
    16.54 * 16.54 * 7.87 (inches)

  • Color:

  • Price: 1190.00 3600.00

  • Quantity:


A unique item produced in 3 pieces (1 of each color) in real ostrich leather. You will be the only one in the world to have each of these unique trolleys at a bargain price (ostrich leather is one of the most costly leather).

A small trolley (cabin size similar to pilots trolley) that has a multi-purpose usage.

If you are a frequent traveler who wants to keep with you all your essential things and camera accessories with you, this trolley is for you.

If you are a studio photographer, a portrait photographer, or a photographer who often works on location; this trolley can replace your camera bag or backpack, offering much more space, comfortable to carry with wheels, the quality of ostrich leather, the luxe of a handmade in Italy trolley.

Inclusive, there is also a full leather accessories holder, with 4 foldable and padded dividers (you can create for partitions to keep even 4 camera bodies or lens, or to adjust to have 1 big division, 2 or 3 divisions of different sizes.

Included also nr 2 body /accessories holder in black leather (enough big to keep even a Leica Noctilux lens or chargers, batteries etc etc)

This Offer will include: 1x Trolley in real ostrich, 1 Camera/accessories older in leather with padded dividers, nr 2 leather (black color) accessories holder

Key Features:

Real Ostrich Leather

Ykk Metal zip with the predisposition for being closed with a locker

Pockets for accessories and a big pocket for a laptop up to 17" and even bigger.


External size: 42cm x 42cm x 20cm 

Inner size of main compartment: 40cm x 38cm x 10cm 

Mid pocket size : 40cm x 36cm x 4cm

Exterior pocket size: 38cm x 30cm


Leather accessories holder sizes:

Exterior size: 42cm x 27cm x 14cm

Interior size: 36cm x 24cm x 11cm

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