Project Details

  • Material: leather

  • Size: 30.00 * 20.00 * 40.00 (cm)
    11.81 * 7.87 * 15.75 (inches)

  • Color:

  • Price: 599.00€ 900.00

  • Quantity:


Florence backpack:

the backpack with 2 souls, 2 products in 1 

An innovative backpack with a removable padded insert with 2 adjustbale paddes dividers(that can be used stand-alone in another your luggage, bag, or backpack)

A medium size backpack for everyday uses, travel, etc

Access: through the front zipped door (you can remove the insert), or through the upper aperture of the backpack also( if you do not want to remove the padded insert in this case, you must leave open the zip of the padded insert)

The padded removable insert occupies circa 50% of the backpack; in the other part, you can store other equipment (flash, LED lights, or personal items).

Material: all in extra soft bull leather (and inner in blue night goatskin suede).

The backpack is very, very soft.

Exterior size of the backpack: 40cm (tall) 30cm (large) 20cm (deep)

Size of the removable insert:27cm x 14cm x 16cm (H)

Fitting: Leica M, SL, S, Q, Fuji, Sony, Olympus. 

Laptop pocket: able to keep up to a 16" MacBook Pro

Wallet: a removable wallet (connected with velcro to the backpack) is included

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