Project Details

  • Material: leather

  • Size: 21.00 * 17.00 * 12.00 (cm)
    8.27 * 6.69 * 4.72 (inches)

  • Color:

  • Price: 219.00€ 300.00

  • Quantity:


Utility joins beautiful aesthetics, top-quality materials, and artisanal construction to complete the picture of the most desirable item for 2024 in our lineup.

A multi-purpose case/bag for the Leica M and Q system (and CL, Fuji, etc etc)

It can be used "stand-alone" as a small portable bag or to protect and carry your Leica inside another bag or luggage. A loop allows it to be connected to a snap hook, and there is also a comfy leather handle. 

The rigid structure makes it much more protective than a simple soft case.

can keep a Leica Body with a lens attached (standard lens up to 50mm without any problem).  An agile neckstrap can fit inside the pouch together with the camera, or a big strap can be kept out of the case from one side and be transported on the shoulder with the same strap.

Another use is as a protector pouch to store your Leica when you travel in a weekend bag, in a travel backpack, or in your non-photographic camera. If you have a bag that you love but is not photographic, you can put your camera inside, protected with our pouch.


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