Project Details

  • Material: leather

  • Size: 15.00 * 16.00 * 11.00 (cm)
    5.91 * 6.3 * 4.33 (inches)

  • Color:

  • Price: 169.00€

  • Quantity:


A full case for Leica M and Q

The case is a case a really useful accessory for protecting your Leica. It's a bag, a holster... and can always be kept on your camera, you don't need to remove the camera from the case when you want to take pictures, since it remains connected to your camera (via a tripod screw-and hanging in a position where it doesn't interfere while shooting) 

It's the unique full case that can be used with your Leica with or without a half case, as a stand-alone, or coupled with our half cases (or other brands, with a tripod hole connector).

We supply the tripod screw (please write in the NOTE field of the order on which camera you will use and if with or without a half case).


  • Leica M digital cameras (M8-M9-M10-M11 AND MONOCHROM)we use with a 50mm summilux 1.4 and there is still much space in font(more or less camera +lens size around 12-13cm will fit)
  • Leica Q (Q, Q-P, Q2, Q3)
  • **It will not work with the Leica M film (M5 M6 M7 Etc since the tripod connector is decentred, we will also in weeks produce the full case for the M film shooters)
  • *** when used with a full opening case (battery & memory) like our Q2 and Q3 cases, you must remove the screw that connect to the full case to access the memory card department

Neckstrap is not included, you can use every type of neckstrap with this Full Case

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