Project Details

  • Material: leather

  • Size: 45.00 * 29.00 * 13.00 (cm)
    17.72 * 11.42 * 5.12 (inches)

  • Color:

  • Price: 500.00

  • Quantity:


M-etropolis Backpack now in super offer with a special price and and 2 Lens holder in leather

A compact backpack, with a full inner finish in Nubuck suede leather. Our padding is built between exterior leather and inner suede leather, so the space in the backpack is fully usable. There are also included 2 removable leather lens pouch in leather. The bottom part of the backpack is a traditional camera bag department(unusual for backpacks where limits of producers oblige you to open in a creative way...with our backpack you don't need a big table for opening and remove the cameras and lense. On the bottom, we have 2 removable padded dividers (also in nubuck suede leather). It even possible even to fit a Leica SL with mounted the Leica 90-280mm mounted in vertical (as you can see below on our photos the lens pouch help to keep stable the camera in vertical. The best and renowned Italian craftmanship meets the best Tuscan vegetable leather for a deluxe bag in a limited edition. A front pocket is included also (big that can keep even a Leica M body).

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