Project Details

  • Material: leather

  • Size: 100.00 * 2.00 * 0.40 (cm)
    39.37 * 0.79 * 0.16 (inches)

  • Color:

  • Price: 135.00€

  • Quantity:


Our new "THE KISS" Neckstrap 

Avalaible in the 2 versions:

  • for Leica SL S type connerct
  • Ring type (for Leica M, Q, CL, Sony, Fuji, etc)

In black suede leather (2 layers) with  beautiful metal inserts (small and light, the strap is extremely soft and flexible, and of course, a unique item in the world of photography.

Due to the extremely long construction procedure(metal parts are inserted one by one), all process is hand made.

The Neckstrap is then brushed with horse hairs to give a special look to the black suede and a matte finish to the metal inserts

Very Comfy, extremely flexible, and Stylish. 

available in 2 sizes 


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