BAGS M-bag

Project Details

  • Material: ostrich leather

  • Size: 18.00 * 12.00 * 12.00 (cm)
    7.09 * 4.72 * 4.72 (inches)

  • Price: 429.00€ 580.00

  • Quantity:


The B-BAG is the smallest camera bag for you Leica M system. In just 18cm (12cm wide and 12cm tall) can fit a Leica M full frame with a M lens with also some small accessories inside ( a Summicrom or another compact M lens is perfect, can fit also some summilux but it's a bit more complicated to fit). Can fit also a Leica Q but you need few seconds more more time to put and remove the camera.

Black Matte ostrich leather (very light but very very strong leather, bag alone wheight is around 250 gr without the belt ), inner lining in a deluxe orange leather.

A very versatile product, it can be used as a bag or without a belt as an accessories holder, both to keep inside luggage or outside another bag (there is a snap hook on the back of the bag that allows connection to another bag or trouser loops)

A YKK Japanese Zip (in a technical non metallic component to avoid scratching of camera)  completes the bag There is an inner large pocket on the side (that covers the length of the bag) 


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