Project Details

  • Material: leather

  • Size: 23.00 * 21.00 * 13.00 (cm)
    9.06 * 8.27 * 5.12 (inches)

  • Color:

  • Price: 229.00€

  • Quantity:


New Heritage case SL with a lens & accessories pouch in kit

Utility joins beautiful aesthetics, top-quality materials, and artisanal construction to complete the picture of the most desirable item for 2024 in our lineup.

A multi-purpose case/bag for the Leica SL system (all models)

It can keep a Leica Body with a lens attached (also big lenses like the 24-90mm, 50mm 1.4, etc, camera + lens can be long up to 23cm).  A neckstrap can fit inside the pouch together with the camera, or a big strap can be kept inside the case (we put our larger braided strap and fit inside the case perfectly) or out of the case from one side and be transported on the shoulder with the same strap

The lens pouch can keep a Leica M lens and or other accessories, and can fit inside the pouch at the top when used with a M lens.

It can be used "stand-alone" as a small portable bag or to protect and carry your Leica inside another bag or luggage. A loop allows it to be connected to a snap hook, and there is also a comfy leather handle. 

The rigid structure makes it much more protective than a simple soft case..

Another use is as a protector pouch to store your Leica when you travel in a weekend bag, in a travel backpack, or in your non-photographic camera. If you have a bag that you love but is not photographic, you can put your camera inside, protected with our pouch.


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