Project Details

  • Material: leather

  • Size: 29.00 * 16.00 * 21.00 (cm)
    11.42 * 6.3 * 8.27 (inches)

  • Color:

  • Price: 500.00

  • Quantity:


The caractheristic of this  Bag is the compact size but with a big inner space,a bag can that can Keep 2 Leica Bodies with lens attached  plus 2-3(or even 4) lens, a ipad (air or mini and many accessories in the external pocket, and memory cards in the dedicated leather pocket. All the inner padded dividers are  made in extra soft goatskin suede leather. Also all Pockets are in leather, and with a inner finish in goatskin suede leather.
Our goal is to create a unique photographic bag in leather (also the inner finishing), with style and caring of the details at the same level of Italian and French High Fashion brands.  

The structure (and stitching) of the bag is reinforced in the key points (like loops)  where the weight of a full camera bag can put pressure on the bag.
Another important goal it's the"safety" of our precious equipment.
Metal accessories are with a unique Ruthenium finishing (a rare and costly material) that give a beautiful dark finishing (darker than nikel but not as dark as black).

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