Project Details

  • Material: leather

  • Size: 31.00 * 14.00 * 25.00 (cm)
    12.2 * 5.51 * 9.84 (inches)

  • Color:

  • Price: 595.00

  • Quantity:




Top Tuscan leather and inner finishing in top suede leather


Best Tuscan leather outside, and a unique inner finishing all in deluxe suede leather.
The metal accessories and fastening are in a Ruthenium finishing (designed by us and produces only for us by the same company who produce metal accessories by the 2 TOP french brands....)
All the padded dividers are built in the bag, all hand made in extra soft suede leather. Also, the 2 padded dividers are in suede leather.
3 Pocket also for this bag, 2 exterior, one on the back with a high-quality zip by YKK.
This new compact messenger can carry together an M system (or a Leica Q) with a SL with even some lens...flashes, etc, etc.. Hard work for make fitting in such compact bag so many things, how was possible? Simply: we don't use any traditional padded insert that "eat" 50% of inner space of the bag, we put our protection between external leather and inner goatskin suede leather, in practice is incorporated in the main structure of the bag...not easy and expensive but result is a unique bag very compact and with top leather inside and outside. Also removable partitions are done in suede leather.

EXTERIOR SIZE in cm : 31CM (L) X 14CM (W) X 25CM (H)
INTERIOR SIZE in cm : 29CM (L) X 12CM (W) X 18 CM (H)

- Hand made in Italy
- Vegetable-tanned leather, there are many bags in leather but no one entirely produced with the top tuscan vegetable tanned leather.
- Best Italian leather (Tuscan).
- Inner finishing with soft and delicate porpora red suede leather.
- fastening accessory with minimalistic and practical design.
- Its all hand made, we need almost 2 day of work for complete this bag


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